Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Things I Like Things I Love

My girlfriend is a true shopaholic. Shopping releases a neurotransmitter in her brain, which i call ‘dopamine with a dress’. If you have a passion for fashion, you are always looking for that special shop. My girlfriend found that special shop, just around the corner from where we live. ‘Things i like things i love’ is that place where her dopamine is having a party.

Walking in, fashion meets beauty and beauty meets the eye. Stylish and vintage are the words i would choose to describe how the place looks like. Best of all, it doesn’t give you that forced retail-feeling like you get in many other shops. And items are never overpriced!

'Things i like things i love' offers you special handpicked items, chosen with love and care. They say they get inspired by what their customers from Amsterdam wear. You will find a mix of vintage, second-hand and new items inside of their store. But it's not only about clothes, interior and photography are two other important concepts.

I don’t mind joining my girlfriend, i always find myself on one of their lovely sofa’s, enjoying the music and drinks. Everything just makes you feel home.
If you live in Amsterdam or if you are here as a traveller, don’t miss out on this shop!

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