Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Fäviken Magasinet

Ever thought about visiting that restaurant you have in mind, to simply spent some of your savings? This week I discovered the existence of this very special restaurant in Jämtland, Sweden. Fäviken Magasinet looks as if it was built straight from a dream.
During the summer and autumn, we harvest what grows on our land when at the peak of ripeness, and prepare our harvest using methods we have rediscovered from rich traditions, or that we have found through our own research to maintain the highest quality of the end product.
Fäviken Magasinet is a restaurant with accommodation. We offer our diners the possibility to reserve a room for one night.
Sounds brilliant. I’ve just decided that i will start saving money to visit this place in the near future. And you know what? It’s listed no.34 on the ‘theworlds50best’ list of best restaurants in the world. 

Take a look for yourself! 

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